3 Best High Rise Rental Apartments in New York


Looking for the great luxury Midtown West apartments in NYC is actually an activity which needs our feeling to get a right “click” in our heart. You know that looking for a comfy home to start our new life is kind of the hardest thing to do actually.

Superb luxury Midtown West apartments in NYC that you can choose

There are lots of options that you can choose from apartments in NYC actually. So, here we are to give you three best high-rise rental apartments in New York.

  • Super legit The Gotham West apartment

The first apartment that seems so legit for you is from The Gotham West apartment. The Gotham West apartment is precisely at 550 west 45th Street New York NY 10036. This is one of the great apartments the New York City that you can pick. With the great design of theroom and some high quality of furniture, you will get the most comfortable home in a high-rise building.

If you are looking for the super legit studio apartment design, you will get it from this amazing apartment. With the type ALCOVE, you will get the most amazing studio apartment design started from $2,785. Wow, this is a super legit offering from the awesome luxury apartment.

  • Via57West Apartment

The number two luxury apartment that you can find the midtown west apartment is from Via57West apartment. The modern and super high rise building design, you will definitely get the most amazing luxurious apartment. The cheapest price for this apartment is becoming one of the best reasons that you can choose to make your new life even better.

  • The magnificent Glen Wood New York City apartment

Last but not least is from Glen Wood New York city apartment. This is also one of the luxurious apartments that you can choose. For you who look for the classical-modern design nuance of theapartment, the Glen Wood will be your most perfect choice.

There are 5 types of theapartment that you can choose and each of them has their own benefits. There are so many choices that you can pick, right? Another reason why this apartment will be your perfect choice is how nears this from the Times Square, the center part of the New York City.