Why Habitat 67 is considered as an Architectural Landmark in Canada?


Getting overwhelmed by the luxury Midtown West apartments in NYC is one of the effects once you find out more about it. However, do you know that actually there is another design of building that since 1967 inspires us to build a modern and futuristic design of buildings? The Habitat ’67 is one of the reasons why we started to build a magnificent luxury apartment in NYC.

Prepare yourself to know more about the inspiration behind luxury apartments

The World’s Fair in 1967 in Montreal, Canada was becoming the main reason the raising of futuristic design of thebuilding. The magnificent building architecture design that they built in that time was becoming the main object that inspiring lots of people especially architecture to build the futuristic building.

  • Impressive and unusual design of Habitat 67

Impressive and special are two words that can describe how magnificent the building back in that time and inspiring lots of people to build the same one in their own city. As you may knew the unique and impressive design of habitat 67 becoming the main architectural landmark in Canada.

You know for sure for 1967, to build that kind of magnificent design is kind of impossible but Habitat 67 proves it well that they can do it. The cube-plastic concept that Moshe Safdie brought for the building is one of the magnificent designs that human can do back in that time.

Looking back how this building was designated, we can see clearly that most apartment building in NYC has a cube shape as the Habitat 67 is. The cube design is becoming the major shape of modern building design nowadays.

The futuristic taste combines with the green-living concept is becoming the popular design to build a luxurious apartment. The cubical shape is also one of the perfect shapes to maximize the design space. So this is basically the most amazing design for the great city like NYC to maximize their land.

So for you who have a perfect taste of building design, you will totally see that most of the apartment building in NYC are totally futuristic with the special taste of the old skull hint. This is becoming a magnificent design as a high rise building and becoming a strong building type. Are you ready for the future?