Luxury Rentals in NYC: 4 Big Differences You Will Love


When you are looking for apartments, remember that it should meet all your requirements and needs. An apartment isn’t just a place to live in. It is a place where you get your most enjoyment. It is a place where you should feel safe and comfortable. It is a place where you should be entertained and pampered. There are certain elements that all apartments should have and they will make a huge difference in your life comfort and easiness.


If you are looking for an apartment, it should be convenient and comfortable. In Bronx apartment for rent, you should be able to find a very comfortable living condition and situation. For a starter, all the apartments are well furnished and equipped. You only need to move in and enjoy everything. The apartment is designed with meticulous and careful planning and arrangement. Not to mention that all of them are well-lit and the rooms are quite spacious.

You can live in a modern structure surrounded by the greeneries. Just because you choose a contemporary establishment, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the environment too. Flower gardens, shrubs and shady tall trees are included in the setting.


You definitely want to live in an apartment with good security and safety system. It is surrounded by many public (and also private) establishments that will improve your everyday comfort. Be sure that you will only enjoy a high quality and reliable security system that will protect you 24/7.

Easy Access

Another important thing about choosing an apartment is the easy access to all the important places.

  • For instance, this apartment is close to the bus line as well as the subway station. You can get on the Express Bus or the #6 line for the subway if you want to travel around.
  • It is not far from stores and public spaces, such as Starbucks, Zaro’s, and other places – including dental and medical offices and restaurants.
  • It is also close to Fordham University, Bronx Zoo, and the Botanical Garden.

Amenities and Facilities
all the apartments are well equipped and furnished. High-quality cabinets, granite countertops, and stainless steel sinks are just examples of high stylish all the facilities are. Marble sinks and chrome accents are other accessories that will definitely improve your comfort. There are also different options for the number of bedrooms but you can be sure that the apartment comes with a standard of roomy and spacious interior cabin.