A Complete Guide on Restoring Your Home From Damages

This might be hard for so many home owners to think about or accept, but the truth is that there are several damages that can happen to your home – even that new home you just built or bought! Typical damages include flood damage, water damage, fire damage etc. Generally speaking, if your house is gutted by fire or a flood, you will most times need to rebuild the entire house from scratch. For those cases, you will look wise if you had home owners or renters (if you are a renter) insurance before the disaster occurred. It is really recommended as a home owner or renter to have some form of home insurance to cover you in case if the unexpected happens. However, this article will be concentrating on the water damage and how to restore your home from damages related to water. Water damage can generally occur from the basement, from the ceilings (through the upper floor bathroom for example) or from blown pipes. We will be describing how to restore your home from each of these damages.

If your kind of water damage is through the basement, then your first action is to open up the drain in your furnace room. This is the only way to drain the fluids from your basement into the septic tank. This action should begin to drain the fluids away from your basement and away from your house. However, if your septic tank is full or your drain is stuck, then you will need to perform the same function but this time by using a suction pump to drain the fluids.

For the case where the water damage is through your ceiling, it is important to find the source of the leak. In most homes, the source of such leaks will usually either come from the bathroom(s) upstairs or through the roof. If it is through the bathroom, then the toilet drain was not sealed or the seal has been broken. If it however, was through the roof, then the hole in the roof will need to be plugged or that section of the roof replaced.

Finally, if the water damage is due to blown pipes, then this case is slightly more complicated since the damage is external and hence difficult to stop. First of all, if your pipes are blown, the likely hood your septic tank becomes full is high and then water will generally begin to sip into your house – a truly difficult situation to control. In such a situation, it is best you consult a professional immediately.