MiteT Tech specializes in the control and removal of armadillos, small animals, and pests that infest the home. Their expert technicians are equipped with all products and resources that are necessary to treat almost any pest on your property. Mite T Tech’s technicians use eco-friendly products to help preserve the environment.

MiteT Tech is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service to each client. For this reason, they reach out to every new client personally to find how they can better assist them. Customer service representatives are available to offer advice on pest or wildlife control issues.

What are Armadillos?

Armadillos are considered small to medium sized mammals with an amour-like shell. An armadillo’s diet usually consists of worms and grubs. They can typically grow from 24 to 42 inches long. It can weigh between 5 to 25 lbs. An armadillo can easily create and maintain numerous burrows, within any area that it decides is its territory. They are equipped with very hard claws to dig into the soil quickly. They also have strong legs to assist with digging as well.

Armadillo Holes and Burrows

Armadillo holes can extend up to 30 feet into the ground. Most burrows created by armadillos only extend a few feet into the ground and are usually used as escape holes. At night, armadillos will continue digging burrows to extend it deeper into the ground.

How Can I Tell If There Is An Armadillo On My Property?

If an armadillo is on your property you will notice big, shallow holes or burrows on your lawn, garden or even flower bed. The armadillos will dig up plants and flowers in search of small grubs, worms, and other invertebrates. If you have a porch or foundation, you might be able to hear scratching, rumbling, or digging noises coming from underneath. Armadillos walk along tracks that they make, which eventually become visible. Armadillos also have a strong musky scent.


Why Are Armadillos Pests?

Armadillos, while cute and adorable, are considered pests and are known carriers of Hansen’s disease (Leprosy). Armadillos are also known to carry rabies, which can be transmitted through bites. They also carry tapeworm and salmonella, which are both transmitted through fecal matter. Armadillos are capable of digging and creating multiple tunnels or burrows anywhere it considers to be its space. Armadillos (if left alone), will damage much more than just your lawn or garden. The tunnels that an armadillo can burrow are capable of damaging pipelines, foundations, pool decks, trees, pillars, and patios.

AreArmadillos Dangerous?

Armadillos are wild animals and like any non-domesticated animal should be treated with great caution and respect, but the armadillos are not dangerous animals. They are capable of injuring people with their strong claws if mishandled. This wild animal will run away at the slightest sign of danger.

How does Mite T Tech Remove Armadillos?

MiteT Tech offers expert armadillo control and removal services. As a professional wildlife removal company, they use live cage traps to ensure the animal is captured unharmed. They understand the behavioral patterns of these nocturnal creatures hence why they are experts in trapping them. Mite T Tech’s highly trained staff examines the property for signs of damage to the building foundation and the property. Their technicians will look for tracks and burrows that are deep enough for armadillos to hide. After finding the tracks and burrows, a trap is set in a location that the armadillo will pass. Following the trails made by the armadillo, our team tactically places traps at locations frequently visited. Our staff will make regular checks to see if the armadillo has been captured.

Why Use Mite T Tech?

MiteT Tech is committed to providing the best and most affordable pest and wildlife control services in Sanford, FL. Mite T Tech’s professional customer service representatives are there to talk to you regarding any pest control issues that may arise. They are also there to assist with any client’s query and to provide an amicable solution. MiteT Tech also does follow-up inspections and treatments to maintain control of even the most difficult issues. All of Mite T Techs staff have gone through extensive training and continue to be trained in the field of quality assurance.

MiteT Tech is a privately owned company, allowing for greater flexibility when making decisions to ensure the best possible services are provided to all its customers as well as potential customers.

At Mite T Tech, they do whatever it takes to provide exceptional services. They send out service technicians to perform follow-up treatments for free at any time between your regularly scheduled services. They understand that customers are the lifeline of our business, so they work harder every day to provide the best pest and wildlife control services they possibly can.

What’s The Best Course of Action to Deal with Your Armadillo Problem?

To recap, you can scare them away, but they will probably return later. You can fill in their burrow holes, but they most likely have several burrows in your yard already. The best thing to do if you suspect you have armadillos in your yard is to call professionals like Mite T Tech to come and capture the animals so that they can relocate them safely.