4 Ways to Get Cheaper Self-Storage Rental Fees

There are a lot of options when it comes to storage facilities. Not all of them might be within your price range though. Therefore, you could end up just canceling your plans to rent a storage facility. Before giving up, you have to realise that there are ways in which you can get cheaper rental services. You just need to do the right things.


  1. Compare and contrast all options. Make sure that you have checked all possible options before closing the deal. Get quotations from more than one company. You will then find out which of them can provide the exact same services at a much lower price. There are options available online. It will be easier for you to search these options and even get quotations right away. You can immediately eliminate those that have really expensive rates.
  2. Talk it over with the owner. If you can find a way to speak with the owner, then you can perhaps get to talk the price down. This is true especially if you know the owner personally or you were recommended by someone who has availed of their services before. Just make sure you are diplomatic in bargaining and your request could perhaps be granted.
  3. Rent the facility for a long time. It helps a lot if you decide to rent the storage facility for several months or at least a year. This will make them lower your monthly payments. You may also decide to pay for the storage facility up front. You will most likely get a cheaper fee for the services.
  4. Wait for promotions. There are local storage facilities that are in search of tenants. Due to competition, they have a hard time catching up. Therefore, some of them decide to announce promotions to ensure that they can get a share of the market. If you happen to hear about the promotions, you can go ahead and seal the deal. They might be for a limited time only. You want to be the first in line if it happens.

If you are in search for a self storage Gloucester facility, you are in luck as there are tons of options available. There are some companies that have been around for a really long time. You can partner with them and perhaps you can get cheaper rates. Of course, you need to read reviews first or seek recommendations from others. Once you have found the right choice, go ahead and seal the deal. You can change your choice later on if you are not satisfied.

Image via freedigitalphotos.net (TAW4)