Impact Windows: Why you should have them

Impact windows (windows made of impact glass) are more expensive than conventional windows but there’s a reason why this extra cost should be seen as an investment. If you’ve ever lived in the areas that are susceptible to various windstorms, like Fort Myers FL than you know the value of having a strong material, like impact windows, anywhere a window exists around the home.


Don’t be fooled. Impact resistant windows don’t come with a 100% guarantee against breaking, but they will withstand excessive winds and blunt force from heavy debris.

Most people immediately think of the worst scenario when it comes to hurricanes and storms because we have all been touched by things like Hurricane Katrina, the typhoon in the Philippines, and earthquakes that have wreaked havoc in Haiti, China and Pakistan. What they don’t think of are the more frequent, less intense tropical storms and tornadoes that tumble along the coast at the end of summer, into early fall. Those are the kind of instances where you’ll be glad you put impact windows in place. Even if your home is not directly hit by a windstorm, impact resistant windows or, better yet, high impact windows will protect your home from the resulting wind, pelting rain and debris.

Impact Resistant Windows vs. Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutters are still an option although we often wonder why. They are more complicated design-wise and not as secure as a fitted, air-tight window. High winds can get in between the structure, create pressure between the shutter and the structure and rip it clean off of the building. Having impact windows Fort Myers FL

can enjoy continuous security without feeling the urge to board up the windows to protect them from a building storm system. Instead, residents with impact windows spend their time preparing their homes with water, food, batteries and other necessities. Storms are a natural part of life in Florida, so this is one investment that we can guarantee a homeowner will cash in on.

Impact Windows are your anti-burlery device

Impact windows serve another important purpose because they are so incredibly difficult to break into. That is, they offer a lot of extra protection against burglary, thieves, or other nefarious activity. When a storm forces the city of Ft Myers to clean out and people feel compelled to start looting the abandoned homes and stores, your alarm system doesn’t have to be the only thing working overtime to protect a house with impact windows installed.

Impact Windows: Ft Myers approved

Look for impact windows that have been tested and certified by authorities of Fort Myers. That’s an important distinction that shows you which brands and models are prepared to resist the impact of Fort Myers’ worst weather. Architects and builders prefer to use impact windows Fort Myers FL puts its stamp on because they pass a rigorous test exceeding average values ​​of wind speed and pressure.