The Very Real Threat of Water Damage

A lot of things can cause water damage, and in almost all cases the damage is usually unexpected. Water damage can be the result of flooding, sewage damage, storm damage, broken water lines, and more. The damage is usually obvious as your flooring may be ruined or your items can be ruined. Depending on what was in the rooms you may think the physical damage alone is bad enough, however, if you fail to clean up the water accurately you stand to lose even more.


Categories of Water Damage

There are three categories for water damage that a professional would use to assess what measures need to be taken to clean our home. The first category, Category 1 describes the damage cause by clean water. Clean water damage would be if you had an overflowing sink, burst pipes, rainwater, or something similar when the water source is known to be clean.

Category 2 water damage is possible contamination. This is when the water is clear in appearance but it is possible that it was contaminated. Storm water or flooding from an unknown location that looks and smells reasonably clean may be considered category two.

Category 3 water damaged is commonly known in the water restoration industry as black water. Black water is known to be highly contaminated and hazardous to humans if exposed or consumed by humans. It would include flood water that is continuing to rise, sewage, and ground surface water.

Health Implications of Water Damage

Water damage can lead to a lot of health problems if not properly addressed. Just because an area appears to dry out does not mean that it really does. Mold, bacteria, fungi, and more can be growing in your flooring or any items that were affected by water if they were not properly cleaned and then dried out. Without proper ventilation these dangerous microorganisms can grow at an even faster rate.

Structural Implications of Water Damage

Water damage can also cause a great deal of structural damage that may not always be apparent right away. It can cause walls to crack and weaken as the wood slowly rots from the water that has not full dried out. If a storm or flood caused the water damage it is possible that the wind and water impacted the structural integrity of a home. Additionally, if the flooding is on the first or second floor there is a good chance that the flooring/ceiling is no longer able to bear the same weight as before.

Hire a Professional to Handle the Job

Of course, if these structural issues are not addressed they can also lead to health and wellness issues as well as your entire family could be in danger within the home. For this reason along with the many other health issues that come from damp homes, it is vital that you hire a professional water damage restoration service St Cloud MN if your home suffers from water damage. It is always best to have a professional come out and assess the water damage so that they can properly assess the damage and thoroughly address the problem. They will dry out your home and check out the structure from top to bottom to ensure that you are safe after the damage occurs.