Home Remodeling Tips Like the Pros

Let’s face it. Home remodeling can be expensive. If you’re trying to make changes to that new home so hopefully you can flip it and make a small profit, there are great ways to save money and make repairs – like the pros! Use these tips to help.


Easy Home Remodeling Tips

Work on the exterior curb appeal

An easy way to get started with a home remodeling project is to focus on the exterior of the home. Houzz suggests establishing a budget and sticking with it. More than likely a home that was in disarray may have a yard with weeds, hedges that need to be trimmed and burnt grass that is rather unsightly. To help you spruce up the grounds, consider hiring a lawn service or take a weekend and roll up your sleeves.

Easy projects to focus on outside include trimming the hedges, pulling up any weeds, mowing the lawn and applying an environmentally friendly green liquid lawn spray to turn that brown upside down!

Add mulch and pavers

People don’t always look at pavers as increasing the curb appeal, but stone steps can add increased value to a home. You can find pavers and stone steps at Home Depot and Lowe’s and they are easy to apply. Just have them run to the front door or from the side of the house to the back for a clean look.

Mulch is an easy way to add a landscaping tool that can spruce up the property. It hides unsightly tree stumps and is easy to add. Use it for the shrubs and tree trunk and you’ll be surprised how welcoming the look will be to the exterior of the home.

Update the windows and doors

For replacement windows Louisville KY residents look online at sites like Angie’s List. This can help you find workers that won’t overcharge for remodeling work and the installation of new windows. You can try through companies like Anderson Windows to see if they are in your area or check online with Yelp for local window installers.

If you are replacing your windows, you may want to find out if the same company can give you a deal on a new storm door. The extra insulation will increase the home’s value and both the new windows and the door will save on energy costs down the road. Be sure to add this to the description when you get ready to sell the property because depending on how soon you sell it, the windows and door will likely still be under warranty. This is an added incentive for a new home buyer.

However you choose to make remodeling changes to your property, do your homework so you don’t overspend. You will find that there are a host of great ways to upgrade a home’s looks just like the pros and you will have potential buyers in no time! Be sure to take the before and after pictures to show off your work!