Upgrading your home on a Budget


Upgrading or renovating the home is synonymous with high costs to most people. While this is true in most cases, it is possible to carry out a basic upgrade without breaking the bank. To achieve this, you will concentrate on specific areas which form the focal points of the home. Giving a touch-up to this areas will give the home a fresh new look.

Revamp the Walls

A fresh coat of paint brings an instant breath of fresh air into any room. If your house is painted with neutral colors as most are, go for more vibrant colors. Who said that all the walls have to be of the same color? Have different colors in the individual rooms depending on their function. You can even have multiple colors in a single room. Mix and match the colors to suit your taste and style.

You can also incorporate wallpapers, a modern invention which presents endless possibilities. Wall papers are available in all sorts of colors, patterns, textures and styles. They stick onto the wall semi-permanently and can be removed at will without damaging the underlying surface. This is a good option if you plan to sell your home in the future.


Poor lighting makes the space look dull and clumsy. Start by making maximum use of natural lighting. Get light curtains, blinds or sheers which allow in light. You can then think of additional wiring and bulbs for those dark corners of the house. Ditch the conventional bulbs for the modern stylish ones and even chandeliers. Explore colored bulbs to create a fresh ambience. While at it, you should also think about energy saving. You can consult an LED light fixtures manufacturer on this.



The cooking space is largely considered the focal point of the home. You can replace a few things like the kitchen faucet set and cabinet door handles. The next point to focus on is the appliances. If they don’t match, consider purchasing new face panels for them. The dishwasher, microwave, fridge, coffee maker and so on look best when they are of the same color to create an overall symmetrical look. Such a kitchen makes a great first impression and sets the right standard for the rest of the house.


After the kitchen, this is the next area that you should give a lot of attention to. Install a modern toilet seat or/and pedestal sink and watch your toilet gain a whole new standard. If your bath floor is old and discolored, consider installing a ready option such as vinyl. You will not even need to knock down the old floor; you can fix the vinyl right over it. Scrub the tiles in the bath and include a vibrant curtain where necessary. You can be assured that bath time will always be a bliss.

You can now go ahead and revamp your home. Don’t forget the outdoors; tend to the flowers, grass and hedges. The home will be a pleasure to live in and will attract more attention should you decide to sell.