How Clean Your Living Room: Tips to Make the Routine More Efficient

The living room is one of those rooms that easily get cluttered. Why? Because it’s the place, people gather. It’s also for the same reason that you want to keep it clean all the time.

When you invite guests, you don’t assist them directly to the kitchen or let them stay in your bedroom. You let them sit in the living room. And you don’t want to greet them with a messy house. So it’s only natural that you try to keep things as clean as possible. But are you doing it right?

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Here are things you might want to remember the next time you clean your living room.

1. Remove cobwebs from walls and ceilings.

When cleaning, you might want to start from the top. That way, any residue dust that falls on the floor will be taken care of at the same when you broom them.

Cobwebs are clear signs that you haven’t cleaned the room for quite awhile. It’s best to get rid of them as soon as they first start appearing. You can use a broom or a vacuum hose to remove them. If you can’t reach the ceiling, carefully stand on a chair, or you can just attach two brooms together.

2. Clear shelves and tables.

Try to remove everything that’s clearly trash. Then, try to look at all the items you have on your shelves and tables. Do you need all of them in the living room? What purpose do they serve? Put away items that you don’t really need. If you don’t want to move in and out of rooms, you can put them in a laundry basket for the meantime, and come back to them after you’re done cleaning.

Straighten all things left on the tables and shelves. If you need to dust things, don’t forget to dust them. Also, don’t forget to use a wet cloth and cleaning liquid to remove dust from surfaces and sanitize them. After you’re done with this step, you’ll slowly see a visible result of your work.

3. Clean couches and chairs.

Next, focus on your couches and chairs. Dust and vacuum the couch to remove crumbs and lint from it. Also, you can try repositioning them to give your living room a new look. If you have curtains, this is the best time to attend to them, too.

4. Sweep and mop the floor.

You need to sweep the floor first to remove dust and visible trash. Don’t forget to reach below chairs, couches, tables, shelves, etc. Then, use a damp mop to remove stains on the floor. If you have a rug or carpet, use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust. While you’re at it, dust the baseboards, too. If there are still stains on the carpet, use a wet rag and cleaning solution to remove them.

5. Use air freshener.

Finish your job with a spray of air fresher. This will kill the floating microbes and eliminate dust that still lingers in the air.


Cleaning the living room isn’t that hard. However, it will need a bit of your time. If you don’t think you can pull it off. You can always ask assistance from professionals like HourMaid house cleaning. The most important thing is that you keep your house squeaky clean.