How You Should Maintain Garage Door Safety and Make Sure No One Gets Hurt

You can never overlook the danger garage door imposes. All you can do is do your best to follow all safety measures.

According to the study conducted by the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) in 2007, there’s been a total of  7,557 people in America that experienced amputations, serious injuries, and avulsions after being caught between the joints of their garage door. If you are to avoid being one of the victims, then follow these garage door safety tips.

Don’t put yourself near a moving garage door.

If you don’t know this rule, then you might not know anything at all. Keep your fingers, hands, and just about any part of you from the door sections. You’ll never know if someone else is going to open it or not. And even if you are the holding the remote, there’s still the slightest possibility for an accident to happen.

Keep your children from playing with garage doors.

It’s normal for children to play with everything they see. However, if that toy is as big as a garage door, then you can expect a disaster to happen. Get your child as far from the door as possible.

Also, don’t let them near the door opener. When misused, it can lead to serious injury. Keep the push buttons and remote controls out of their reach– that is, at least 5 feet from the floor.

Finally, do not allow your children to run or stand near the door when is moving or opening as it’s highly dangerous. However, don’t scold them when they do it for the first time. Try to explain the dangers of the garage door to your child as calmly as you can.


Be careful when opening and closing the door.

When operating the garage door, make sure that the coast is clear and that there are no animal or person standing, walking, or running near its threshold. Also, never attempt to enter or exit the door by running under it. This is a risk move, and there’s nothing wrong with exiting or entering the garage the normal way. It’s better that you keep on the safe side than to push your luck.

Maintain your garage door.

An old rusting garage door might not function as well as it used to. Not only does it disturbs the appearance of your facade, but it also exposes you to a lot of risks. Make sure that it is still operating safely before you open or close it.

If you want your garage door to have a longer lifespan, then follow an annual maintenance. Hire a trained service technician to do it for you.  It’ll also help if you purchase a durable door like Hormann residential garage doors at the beginning.

Never attempt to do the maintenance or the repair yourself, especially if you know nothing about it. Remember that a garage door runs on electricity. You might shock or electrocute yourself accidentally.


The dangers imposed by garage doors are no joke. Taking necessary precautions when using them might just save you your fingers, or even your life.