Converting a Guest Room to a Home Office

Planning out a home is difficult, especially when you have more rooms than you have family members. Though it may start out as a guest room, you may become enchanted with the idea of working from home. Whether you’re working on your next novel or designing websites for a living, having a home office is essential for improving your productivity. Still, it may be nice to use that space as a guest room every now and then.

With enough planning, it is possible to design a room to suits your tastes in a home office and for guests as well. Though guests won’t be staying long, think about what it is they need in a room: a place to sleep and a place to put their stuff. What kind of furniture can you get that suits an office, but still has enough utility for a guest room?


Begin with the most important aspect of the home office: the desk and computer. Set up your workspace exactly how you need it to look. Guests won’t care to move any of that — in fact, they may even marvel at your home office and take some inspiration. A solid, wooden desk is a treat for the eyes and stands out in a room. In fact, it makes the home office. They can add a sense of formality to your room, which can completely set the tone for your productivity.

Whether you have a Mac or PC, it may be helpful to find a desk with a pull out keyboard tray. With a keyboard stowed, guests will have more space for their own electronics. A wide monitor aids multitasking whether you have a laptop or a desktop computer.

The paint job is a bit more complex. You want to think about a color that balances well with the view from your window. In a dreary city like Seattle, consider picking a bold color to keep you focused while you work at home. It may be in your best interest to hire local painters in Seattle to paint the spare room before you move in.

Once the color of the room is settled in, think about the rest of the furniture. Namely, the office chair to match the paint and the desk colors. The ideal computer chair is formal, roomy, and plush enough to be comfortable for eight hours at a time. Guests may also find utility in this office chair to hang some of their items, like bags or jackets, during their stay.

Additionally, home offices need a spot for you to take a quick break. A nice chaise lounge or couch against the window may also serve as a spot to sleep for guests and also a reading spot for you.

It can be difficult to think of all the right furniture that needs to be included when you want to have a hybrid room. Though this article is by no means exhaustive, personalizing a home office so that it’s ready for company too.