Painting vs Wallpaper

When it comes to decorating ideas you might be wondering if wallpapering or painting is the right choice for your project. Listed below are the pros and cons of each to help decide which is the better choice for you. Thanks to Paintworks for providing these pros and cons.



1)    It can be applied to most surfaces for example concrete, brick, prefabricated panels, plaster or over painted surfaces.

2)    Application is relatively easy and doesn’t require any special skill or special materials.

3)    Wallpaper is low maintenance and entirely washable with water and detergent. It’s recommended that liquid or powdered ammonia be used as it’s not as strong as detergent.

4)    Investing in a good quality wallpaper and it will last for 15 to 20 years while retaining its original appearance and color.

5)    Should you decide to change out your wallpaper it’s and easy process even if you change to paint.

6)    It’s a low cost option and attractive decor element.


1)    Painting walls doesn’t require any special preparation especially if you use a non reflective paint, which is ideal for hiding any flaws. Wallpaper has a tendency to make flaws more obvious so requires adequate prep.

2)    All paint helps minimize surface imperfections, of course the kind of sheen is a consideration as well. Low sheen is the best way to mask flaws while high gloss or semi gloss would not help achieve the same effect.

3)    Paint is usually less expensive than wallpaper and requires less product. With the wide price range of both paints and wallpaper the cost can end up very similar. Another thing to consider is if you spend a lot on high quality paint it may require hiring a professional painting contractor which will again add to the cost of paint as a choice.

4)    With the exception of oil based products, paint is easier to apply than wallpaper once the surface is properly prepared. Some advice from the painting experts is to apply several thin coats and be sure to avoid runs.

5)    If paint is your choice you have the ability to create custom colors by combining different paint colors. It’s not possible to achieve custom options with wallpaper of course.

Making decisions about whether paint or wallpaper is a better choice, or even choosing colors can be a bit much. When you’re searching for painting contractors in Victoria contact Paintworks for help with all those home decorating projects.