5 Things You’re Storing Incorrectly And How To Properly Store Them

While moving to a new place might be something to look forward to, no one likes all the packing that goes along with it. We’ve all experienced packing up our belongings to move but there might be some items you’re planning to put in storage. The way you pack for a move and when putting things in storage will be different. Here’s a list of 5 things that are often stored wrong along with suggestions to store them properly.


Fragile, Valuable or Rare Items

People have all kinds of collections, from rare figurines to action figures they’ve been saving since childhood. To protect these collectibles in storage each small items needs to be wrapped individually in tissue paper or bubble wrap. Once you’ve done that place them in smaller, sturdy boxes to prevent any possible damage.

Guns & Ammunition

Before you store guns and ammunition be sure to check with the storage facility regarding their policy. After getting their approval you’ll also want to check on local or government agencies to be certain these are stored safely.

Grandfather Clocks

Among the most difficult and yet common items you might need to prepare for storage is this item passed down from one generation to the next. These clocks tend to be pretty high maintenance and require anyone handing the internal workings to wear special gloves. If you’re unsure as to the handling and proper storage preparation you might want to call on a professional.

Antique or Heirloom Furniture

While all furniture requires careful handling this is especially important when storing pieces that are irreplaceable, one of a kind or family heirlooms. Start by wrapping with furniture wrap and make sure the person moving them knows their value and will be careful to avoid any scratches or dings.

Fragile China

At one time fine china was a most coveted item and many people still have some good china although we may never use it don’t want to part with it either. If storing it is an option be sure to pack it away properly to avoid damage. One day you might have use for it on a special occasion and you wouldn’t want to be disappointed to by unpacking broken pieces. Using strong boxes wrap each piece with packing paper, store each china plate vertically rather than horizontally to prevent dishes packed on top from cracking or breaking dishes on the bottom.

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