Flat roof repair and why it’s important

In protecting your commercial properties, flat roof maintenance/renovation is essential. Commercial structures are precious assets to business proprietors, as it fosters steady business activities. Asides this, regular flat roofing repair and maintenance services is key to providing a convenient and comfortable working space for your worker. King Koating offers safe, reliable flat roof repair and maintenance service for both residential and commercial purposes.

Some grounds for considering habitual roofing maintenance services for your commercial properties are listed below:

  • Guarantees ultimate safety of your building structures
  • Inhibits growth of mold and mildews caused by floods or leaking roof
  • Gives maximum durability, thus increasing lifespan.
  • Guarantees a safe working environment for clients
  • Protects your edifice against extreme weather conditions such as hurricane, snow, wind, storm and heavy clots.

A lot of commercial building owners place less importance on flat roof repairs. However, prioritizing such repairs is more economical for your business in the long run as it prevents unfavorable interruptions with daily business activities.


Types of materials used for commercial flat roofing

Commercial roofs are built atop building structures used for commercial purposes. Since these roofs serve as protection against leaks and water shedding, it is imperative to utilize strong and durable materials for the roofing projects. In a bid to save business owners from consistent renovation expenditure, the roofing materials used should also be maintenance free. Some materials used in commercial roofing are listed as follows:


Metals are one of the most common substances used for commercial roofing. These sheets of steel are effective in keeping a building free from moisture since they are coated with moisture resistant element like Zinc. Hence they impede the development of mold and mildew. Metals are environmentally friendly, energy efficient and are recyclable. With its reflective coating, metals prevent the building’s interior from excessive heat.


Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is regarded as one of the best materials in the roofing market currently. If your commercial building absorb heat fast enough, then consider using the PVC. Their ability to reflect sunlight causes them to absorb heat, thus conserving energy.

The rubber layers that makes up the PVC increase its durability and also helps it to resist extreme weather conditions such as snow fall, windy conditions, storm, heavy rainfall, ice.


Surprisingly, bitumen is also regarded as one of the superior materials for roofing. Bitumen is majorly used for road construction. As a result, special polymers are added to them to make them suitable for commercial roofing. Bitumen tends to be highly durable and can also resist moisture, thanks to special polymers added


The synthesis of polymers, ethylene and other chemicals gave rise to EPDM. It is recognized as the most long-lasting roofing material for all kinds of commercial structures. EPDM gives superb protection against harsh ultraviolet rays. Hence, it is highly recommended by most roofing experts. Moreover, it also withstands all kinds of weather conditions and temperatures. EPDM comes in rolls.

It is very crucial to opt for a commercial roofing substance suitable for your specifications and estimate. However, you can be guaranteed that professional commercial roofing expert will not lead you astray when it comes to choosing the right material for your commercial roofing projects. So consider hiring one today.