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Window Types and Styles for Your Home

When it comes to window styles, your choices are far from crystal clear. In fact, there are so many possible options that you may find it a real “pane” to make a decision. Bad puns aside, the many window types and styles you can choose from all present different advantages depending on the amount of

4 Benefits of Buying Replacement Windows for Your Home

Windows are an incredibly important element when it comes to the living experience you want to have in your home. They affect nearly every aspect of home ownership from energy usage to perceived size to overall aesthetics. That’s why if you have an older house that hasn’t had its windows updated in more than 20

Impact Windows: Why you should have them

Impact windows (windows made of impact glass) are more expensive than conventional windows but there’s a reason why this extra cost should be seen as an investment. If you’ve ever lived in the areas that are susceptible to various windstorms, like Fort Myers FL than you know the value of having a strong material, like